Sunday, February 22, 2009

Time for a change.

Cici and her first tooth

My life as it is currently going is filled with pulling teeth, snow, chilly weather, needles, scrapbooking, church callings, some lazy attempt at exercises, and trying to stay sane with these weird hormones going through me. If you haven't noticed already, my blog is changing a bit. Those who have followed my blog since it's inception two years ago, will know that I have made a concerted effort several times to take my blog private. I will be making the big switch soon, but in a way that I think is better than just saying "lights out".

I will continue blogging on this blog all the fun and exciting things about my life. Crafts, SPT's, and anything I feel like talking about will be open for anyone on this A Happy Heart Blog. To make sure that I continue to journal the more personal things and to track the ups and downs of my fertility treatments in a more private manner - I will be taking this to my 2nd blog called She Called Me. I will still be blogging about adoption and fertility on this site, but the day to day aspects of this process will be kept on our personal journal on the other blog.

Please continue to push the follow me button or let me know in the comment section your url so that I can better keep up with those following this site. Have a wonderful Sunday my friends!

Michelle :)


Natasha said...

Well you know I am following!
Thanks for your comments on my blog - FYI Luci's white dress was only $14.99 at Target and I bought the flower headband there too!

Michelle Lindsay said...

Lucky me I'm heading tot he states this next weekend! Thanks!

dani said...

i look forward to reading your highlights, michelle:) i will pray that you have more ups than downs with your fertility efforts!!!
much love,

Amanda said...

Congrats to Cici! That is a big first step!

Mikki said...

Wow!!! The first tooth, hope the tooth fairy has deep pockets. LOL

Hope all is going well on those treatments. Keeping you in my prayers.

Amanda :-) said...

Yipes, I need to click this fabled Follow Me button! Your blog is freewheeling far ahead of me these days. The going private thing is a quandry, isn't it? I made mine private and haven't blogged for ages! Grrrr! Anyway, I'm always thrilled at how busy you are - even if it's exhausting for you, it's ENTERTAINING for us!!!!
>>>sending you energy vibes>>>

Marie said...

Losing a first tooth is very exciting! Did she handle it well?

where is this 'follow me' button?

Michelle Lindsay said...

Marie - Look on the right on the sidebare with all the tiny photos of other bloggers - there is a "follow" button there, thanks!

Claudissima said...

ohhh cute photo...hope things are going okay, I love love the new banner and all the creativity!