Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Cute-ness of Leg Warmers.


It was fifth grade and my teacher was Ms. Blackburn (or something like this). Except for my blue leg warmers and an overly frizzy perm - it was an uneventful year. Now, let's go back to those leg warmers. I was cool in them, even if no one else thought I was, because they were the fad of the day. This was back when one white glove was the norm and now you nod your head and say ahh, yes! wink

I wore them a few times before putting them aside with my white beret and stirrup pants. stop laughing. I vowed that I would never wear any of these or ever adorn a glove on one hand again. And I didn't, until I had children. Now they make them in stripes, hearts, and all sorts of fun designs. You can buy colorful tights with matching leg warmers at Hanna Andersson and I even went so far as to create leg warmers out of socks and create a couple pairs of crochet leg warmers. I am an addict of the cute-ness of leg warmers.

I will fully admit that I also went back on my vow and purchased a couple pair of leg warmers for me. I blame this on winter. I am fully in love with the idea of leg warmers and it will be a sad day when my girls say they are too big to where them.
Do you believe in the cute-ness of leg warmers?


Natalie said...

As a leg warmer wearer of the 80's, I do believe in the cuteness (and coolness) of leg warmers. I have to say that the level of cuteness has definitely increased over the years!

Jan said...

Well I do now Miss Michelle. Those are darling.

dani said...

they are darling, michelle!!! i had a pair of (navy blue with white snowflakes) izod leg-warmers in the 80's... loved them:)

Marie said...

I was a leg warmers girl when I was little and loved them. But I haven't seen them for girls now. Where are you finding them?

Claudissima said...

sooooo cute, i remember wearing mine with mini skirts....ohhh the days, my legs look good! now I would need thigh warmers! hehehhehehheh!

Mikki said...

I TOTALLY believe in the cuteness of legwarmers. I loved dance class in high school, because by then, they'd sort of lost their popularity, but it was still ok to wear them for dance.
I especially love the ones in that picture. They are adorable!