Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A night at the museum.

Cici's Three Panda Bears

What a great name for this blog post! When the girl's told me that a piece of their artwork was being displayed at the Musee Des Beaux-Arts de Montreal in downtown Montreal, I had to ask several questions. Unfortunately, the first being - really? Do we get to see it? What did you draw...and so on. Basically I was impressed - this is a major museum downtown!
In front of the entrance.
Shortly after this discussion, we received a note home from the school saying that their school was featuring a themed animal artwork exhibit by all the children in their school. They were to provide busing and refreshments. By now, I was still curious and was excited to go and see what they had put together. We opted to drive down ourselves, meet Craig, go to the museum, and go to dinner afterward.

Nini's Abstract Pandas

The room where the artwork was being displayed was called the Studio and is attached to The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. You entered into a long hallway to the side of the main entrance into hallway with the children's art exhibit on the left. The hallway was jammed with parents and food and children running to each other, excited they got to see each other away from school!

Mrs. D, their first grade teacher was standing near the girl's artwork display. She's a great teacher and we are lucky to have her! We were also lucky that the first grade class got to have their artwork behind "glass" - very prestigious!

A subdued (from orange) snapshot at the museum

I was completely blown away by the wonderful experience this was for all the children. At six years old, having your artwork in a real museum! Wow! This is a great idea for any school and community to put together. If anyone is interested I'll find out how they put this together! Just let me know!

Has your child's school done this before?
Have you ever had your artwork in a museum?
Would you like too?


Melinda said...

How cool is this?! How fun to be able to go and see this. It is a once in a life time opportunity. How lucky for the girls.

Jennfer said...

So cool. Like really cool. Like put it on their resumes cool!

Marie said...

What a great experience for them! That is just so neat!

michelle said...

I think this is wonderful! It sounds like you have two little artists on your hands. :) Love the pictures of all of you.

Have a wonderful, and happy Easter! :)

Natasha said...

What a great event and a way to get children interested in art!

Natalie said...

So great, they're practically famous!

dani said...

waaaaaaaaaaay cool, michelle!!! and i love both of their pieces:) i bet it was very exciting for you all.
dani xxxx