Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nika's Date

Craig gets to go to one hockey game a so often sponsored by his work. The first year Craig and I went, the 2nd year we gave our tickets to a friend, and this year, we felt that Nika was big enough to go on a late night date with her daddy. She was completely excited!

They left to buckets of rain and rode the train into downtown Montreal. She had a great time, but was overwhelmed by the intensity of it all. People do not take their hockey for granted here, and were very load - a little too loud for Nika. They left early and got some souvenirs before they left. She even went into the girls bathroom all by herself - seriously - what a big girl!

Veronika made sure not to forget her sister and got her this #1 finger that they promptly made into some silly dance worth recording - but I didn't have it on hand!

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Marie said...

So sweet she brought home a surprise for Cici.

It is playoff season now. Beware the excitement.