Monday, October 19, 2009

About the Author.

Nini came barging through the front door bypassing our house "no shoes" rule and with her jacket and back pack still on. She ran straight up the stairs into my room and said in a very excited yet clear and precise voice, "Mommy, I want to be an author and il-lus-trat-or." She struggled all last year with her reading and has just become comfortable reading full stories and having the confidence to finish what she starts. She wrote her story while at school, with no help, sounding out all the words phonetically.

This was such a huge step for her that I couldn't just pass up the opportunity for our family to celebrate her great job. Taking the idea from all the books we have around our home, Nini and I put together her very own "About the Author" page to showcase her new story. I took a recent photo of Nini and asked her a few simple questions. I used Word to create the page and then stapled several pages together to make a book. We made extras just in case she gets this little itch again. She copied her story, even taking the time to draw and color her photos. I keep it in my room where we can read it together and where she can really know what a wonderful job she has done. She also spent several minutes reading her own story to friends and family. The look on her face says it all!

Something Cute...

Cici and I were snuggled together watching the TLC's A Baby Story. It's one of my ways of preparing the girls for what is to come. It never seems to be too much information for them, they do a great job of absorbing the show and asking me questions if they are too curious about something. The labor and delivery of the baby on that particular show had just passed when she turned to me and said very matter-of-fact: "Mom, I would rather live in a garbage can, then be in labor." That is definitely good to know!

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donna said...

Way to go Nini.

Jenny said...

How wonderful for Nini.

Hope your doing well, your in my thoughts and prayers?!

Lene said...

Yay Nini. I think you are an amazing Mom. The way you celebrate your children is inspirational.

Cici's comment is so funny. I wonder how many of us agree?

Melinda said...

I used to watch that with my kids also to get them ready for any births also. It helped so much and helped them realized what I was going to go through and they didn't need to be scared if I was in pain.

Emanuel said...

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Marie said...

There are many women in labour who would happily move into a garbage can, I'm sure.

Cristin said...

It is so fun when they get so excited about things!

Hope you are feeling good...You are getting close!