Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Blankets.

I am in love with Terry Kimbrough's baby afghan crochet book. My first try at crocheting happened out of pure boredom years ago. In 2002, my husband traveled to Labrador City, Newfoundland for a business trip. Since I wasn't working and we had no children, I ventured with him just for fun. Of course, once we arrived, I realized that for the next two weeks, I would be living in a small town and a 14 hour drive by gravel road to the next town. While Craig went to work, I read, watched Murder She Wrote (it seemed like this was the only thing on), and went to the local "everything" store in hopes of finding a project. Insert yarn and a crochet needle and I was hooked (couldn't resist!) Luckily, Craig's trip was cut short and we were able to leave within a week.

This is baby afghan #1 called Special Moments. I used Berat 100% cotton yarn. The center is made out of a series of DC chains and is one of the quickest afghans to make. The edging is slightly more difficult and takes more careful planning. I love how durable it feels even with the lacie edging. I finished this within a week, working a couple hours a day - if that!

I just started baby afghan #2 from the same baby afghan book (shown above). I chose a multi-colored blue Berat 100% cotton yarn for the the center and the upper ruffle. The outer ruffle will be from the same yarn material, but in white. I made this one years ago for a friend and forgot that it is time consuming. It is #24 in the afghan book. Hopefully I will be posting this one soon.


donna said...

such pretty afghans.

Kellie said...

I have that same book and have just finished #14 for the third time. If you tackle that one, be ready to put in some long hours on the ruffles! But it's worth it :)

Natalie said...

Beautiful! I've only crocheted (I have no idea how to spell that) one project. It was an afghan for Blake before he was born. I worked on it for months and have not been compelled to make another. Any baby news????