Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finding a memory.

Cici and Nini are age three in these photos. The beautiful thing about them is that I had never seen them before. I remember taking them, but just discovered a saved file on a memory card with these first-day of preschool photos. Oh my, they were so small - look at them barely being able to climb in on their own!

It was clear here that even as twins, they were and are completely different and with their own personality and limitations. The moment I let Nini out of the car, she was off and ready for whatever came her way. She didn't even look back!

Cici wasn't as sure about the experience and kept turning around hoping that she didn't have to go! You can see Nini almost to the door!

Cici is standing by me, and Nini - well, she's already ready to take on the next two hours. I remember leaving and returing to a closed door with Nini banging on it screaming. Apparently, the young lad in the photo here decided it would be fun to spank her. The teacher didn' think it was her business to mention it to me. I didn't find out until the second day, when Nini was clawing and screaming to leave. Long story short, I moved them to another preschool after only a couple days. There were just too many things that I didn't like about their experience.

Have you every taken photos and discovered them years later?
Aren't they cute!


Nicole said...

Your girls are Danica's size! Wow have they grown and so quickly. Which preschool is this? Looks like the one at Lane Park. I was going to put Danica in that one too, but there were things I didn't like. Which preschool did they end up in? Still looking.

donna said...

look how small your girls were. So cute!

Chrissy, said...

It always suprises me how fast they grow.

I like it when we look back on a memory and we see more clearly see how things happened. Sometimes anyway.:)
Have a great day!

Melinda said...

It is always amazing to me the different personalities in kids. I have had both kinds of kids. Some so ready to leave me and others not so much. What a treasure to find these photos.

Those blankets are beautiful!

Connie said...

How fun to find old photos! Your darling twins remind me of my own. One was more outgoing than the other but it was so good they had each other. Too bad the spanking sheriff was in their class.