Monday, July 5, 2010

Pickity Place and the Big Bad Wolf.

The road to Pickity Place makes it seem as if you were were heading to an old country cabin. When the road turns from asphalt to dirt and gravel, the thought may cross your mind that you've taken a wrong turn. Soon enough, your car joins several other traveler's to the inviting little red house made famous over 60 years ago. It was the home of the Golden Books illustrator, Elizabeth Orton Jones. She used her sweet home as inspiration for the 1948 Golden Books edition of Little Red Riding Hood.

The entrance and grounds is not meant for a double stroller or any other type of stroller. This said, it can be done. The path into the gift shop and dining area is very bumpy and narrow, but the staff and people are more than accommodating and helpful. My double stroller fit nicely once inside the gift shop and to enter the restaurant and small museum, I had to leave the stroller outside and carry in the car seats. It was a bit inconvenient - but again, the staff was very helpful even offering to help carry one of the car seats. I couldn't make it into the garden and herb garden areas, but we had a good time viewing from the house grounds.

The museum offers a few collectible gifts and the opportunity to view a small room filled with everything Little Red Riding Hood - including the original Golden Book illustration by Jones. The smells coming from the dining area permeated the museum while we visited. While I couldn't dine there that day, I do plan on coming back without all the kids, it is supposed to be amazing.

I am passionate about my children wanting to learn the arts. Music is my passion, and while I hope that my girls will follow in my footsteps; I hope more, that they will find something in the arts that inspires them. This outing was a perfect opportunity to let them experience a piece of the arts. We brought our drawing tools and sat down for 30 minutes doing our best to draw the house Jones used in her illustrations (I will post these soon on their art blog). They did a great job. Nini even continued drawing when a frog crossed her path - it was difficult - but she finished her illustration!

And what to do with two little seven month old boys while we eat our lunch and draw- bring a big blanket, find a nice shaded spot, and let them stretch their little legs. It was a little bit more work than I had anticipated for this roadtrip to Mason, NH and Pickity Place - but well worth the effort for a hands-on experience in the arts.

Have you been to Pickity Place?


Natasha said...

What a neat outing! You are giving your children the gift of such wonderful experiences!

donna said...

i am so coming to visit you...

Nicole said...

Very nice road trip. I have noticed you have the most beautiful quilts the boys play on. Did you make those?

Melinda said...

That is such a great place to go! I love that you find gems around you to go and see.

I love your barn! It is so pretty!

Cristin said...

Yes, we love Pickity Place! We used to have lunch there all the time and walk the gardens...! How fun for you, and I'm so glad you posted about it...I haven't thought about Pickity in probably 15 years! Fun memories...New England is full of hidden treasures!