Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mommy Blindness.

I have had a strong case of mommy blindness.  Poor Mr. Hawk, who is now fast approaching 14 months, has been parading himself around in this way-to-small-for-him jacket.  So, why do I still put him in this five-month-old jacket and the jeans he wore when he was crawling?!     The jacket is one of my favorites, but unfortunately sized at 6-9 months old.  He and Mr. T used to wear it often and I have several baby photos of them in it too. It was this recent photo of Hawk in it that forced me to realize my bout of mommy blindness.  My tiny baby is now a toddler - officially. 

Here are 5 things about my little Hawk that you have to know:

1.  Our family has now officially given him a different nickname:  Spiceman.  He is infatuated with all those little containers of spices, which he can easily reach as they are in in one of my bottom kitchen cabinets.  I have a rubber band around the cabinet - but it is often left off.  He will then, open the cupboard and start throwing out all the spices - until he gets to the little container of pumpkin spice!  Which he will carry around with him.
2.  He is a binky man or pacifier man.
3.  He likes to follow behind his brother and push him or pat him to go faster.
4.  He has the cutest smile and laugh-you ever did see!
5.  He loves to play catch.



Marie said...

I think every mother has a little mommy blindness in her somewhere.

Melinda said...

Their walking?! I usually notice stuff like when I just sit down at church, during parent teacher conference or any other inopportune time.

Ryan would clean out my cupboards. It was crazy. He would also clean out the kitchen drawers and then sit in them.