Thursday, January 13, 2011

Naptime Craft: Decoupage Glass Ornament Tutorial

l.o.v.e decoupage glass ornaments
{plan 2 hours}

Naptime, for me, has become the only time I can get some me time - plus, do everything else I need to do without the littles in my path.  As part of my goal this year, balance, I am planning once a week to do those crafts I haven't been able to do.  To get this moving, my craft this week are Decoupage Glass Ornaments.  Here is your need list:

Clear glass ornaments {great sales after Christmas!}
Paper, scrapbook paper, or your paper of choice
Modge Podge
Paint brush
...that's it!  That's all you really need to get going - {I added:}

pre-cut paper flowers
hot glue to reinforce the top
and pre-cut lettering l.o.v.e


{1}  items needed to get started

{2}brush glue on front and back of ornament
w/ ripped paper of choice

{hint }double-sided scrapbook paper
is easier if you tear the two sides


Each ball can be it's own unique ornament.  Use your creativity to inspire lots of different designs using scrapbook or other paper.  My fingers always get sticky!  Keep a wet wash cloth close by so that bits of hardened glue do not come off onto your ornament.  Once your ornament is completely covered.  Brush your decoupage glue over the top and smooth with bumps with your fingers

{4}{optional} place pre-cut paper flower under holding pin and push down
hot glue under cap and flower to secure holder
Once your decoupage ornament is completely covered, you can place a pre cut flower under the holding pin and secure it with hot glue.  I turned the pin over, pushed the flower through the hole, and then place the hot glue under under the holding cap.  Then, push the cap down into the ornament for a more secure fit. 

{5} decoupage your pre-cut letters on top of the decoupage ornaments
hang with your favorite ribbon

 Hang your ornaments from hooks with a a favorite word, or put them in a bowl on your mantle!  Here I decoupaged l.o.v.e on four ornaments and hung them from a coat hook hanging in our entryway.


The finished craft!

{Let me know if you try this by emailing me at or posting in this post!}
Good Luck!


donna said...

love it.. You are so crafty....

TheBMillers said...

I haven't been on in so long but SO happy I did today. We have a group of friends that exchange every year and next year we decided to be crafty and make gifts. So I had bought the glass ornaments as I wanted to make some but didn't know how to do it. I'm printing this and hope that within the next year, I can come out with 4 pretty ones for my BFFs :) THANK YOU!!

Lauralee said...

super cute! thanks for the comment on my blog- I haven't been a great commenter lately... or follower... but I love to check in on your when I can! your twins- both sets are getting so big... so happy for you!

Annie said...

They are so cute! Like them! :)

Merrianne said...

Those are absolutely adorable!!!

Nicole said...

A very clever idea. Nap time can be such a blessing. :0)

Kim Sue said...

cute idea..we have done some like this with tissue paper but I really like the cute scrapbook paper. YEAH for some you time!