Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Quiet Tippity Taps.

Grandma and Hawk look out as the girls throw snowballs at the window.

Quiet Tippity Taps

There is snow on top of us
snow on the sides of us
snow underneath us
and snow falling from the sky.
It whips and whirls
when the wind blows.
It sticks to the roads and the trees.

Inside he waits for his big Sis
who smiles at him from the white outdoors.
Something white comes his way, he flinches.
It hits the window with quiet tippity taps.
He giggles at the sight and waits for more.

His big sister blushes at the joy she bring him.
Throwing snow, again and again.
Inside and Outside there is brightness and warmth
as the snow continues to fall.

to Cici and my little Hawk.


Marie said...

Your poem was charming, your button-on ties were brilliant, and your 50 lbs weight loss is astounding! Wow, wow, wow!

Nicole said...

simply beautiful..