Friday, February 4, 2011

Felt Button-on Ties.

Mr. C walked into the room a couple of days ago when I was preparing to create Valentine's Day shirts for the boys.  I was going to sew a little heart on the left chest area of these long-sleeve white polo shirts I found for $4.00!  I could see him out of the corner of my eye, starring at me.  I figured that he was looking and admiring my creation...  When I told him of my plan for the boys, he said, and I quote, "my boys are not wearing hearts on their shirt!"  After a few, why nots, he happened to mention that it would be OK if the hearts were on a tie - and that's how these button-on felt ties were created...

Step 1:  I used the felt squares you can get at Micahael's for around .69 cents...Cut out a tie the length and width you want it.  Make sure the top section of the tie is wide enough to fit under a collar.

Step 2:  Sew your decoration on the tie, in my case a small white heart did the trick.

Step 3:  Lay your felt tie over your desired shirt.  I chose polo shirts, as they are more durable for my littles.
Step 4:  Using a white pencil or other fabric marker, mark the button holes and prepare to cut.

 Step 5:  Using the button markers, take scissors and cut a small slit (long or wide enough to go over button - but small enough to stay secure)

...The finished product...

Step 6:  Button your felt ties onto the shirt and
you are ready for some
handsome little Valentine's!


Natasha said...

How darling!

charity said...

those are so cute! I just read a bunch on your blog your boys are growing up and so cute! I hope you got a christmas card, I sent one but it was to your Canada address. I didn't realize you had moved when I mailed it! Your girls are beautiful and growing up and the boys are so handsome and precious! Miss you!

linda said...

Just one word for those ties...adorable! Very creative Michelle!

Lene said...

So cute. That would actually be a great idea for my 4 yr old for Sunday.