Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just for them.

I have been a bad mom as I have not had any photos of the boys hanging on our walls.  (OK, I have one that sits above our mantle - but their little bodies just can't see it - it's too high)  Nor do I have any photos in a scrapbook or any that they can actually look at.  I had these two photos of them at 2 weeks old framed awhile ago, but never got a chance to do anything with them. 

After much debate, I decided to hang them using ribbon and hung them in our walkway between our kitchen and the rest of the house.  I did this little project during their glorious naptime (the only time I get anything done).  Later that day after nap, I found sweet Mr. T standing and staring at these two photos.  When he saw me, he turned and pointed to his photo - awww! 

When is your best time for getting things done?


crystal said...

Between the hours of 10pm-2am. YAWN.


Melinda said...

Great idea, and I love the picture of the 4 kids. That one is worth framing.

Michelle Lindsay said...

Crystal - so true! Thanks Melinda :)

crystal said...

Thank you so much for commenting today at my blog. I had an unpleasant comment early this morning (which I deleted so you probably didn't see it), and your nice words were just what I needed.

You are a wonderful friend & I love you :)

Cristin said...

Don't you love how babies love pictures of other babies...but they get even more excited when they see their own photo! So cute!

I get things done when everyone else is asleep...