Friday, March 4, 2011

Puke and other stuff.

This week has been full of life -that "life" that seems to ooze out all your energy and patience. My boys were just getting better from both a stomach virus and some sort of evil gastro thing that tore through them and me last Friday through Monday. I am still completely nauseated and hoping that I can get over this soon. I have enjoyed moments of joy watching my boys grow and I am pretty sure Mr. T said something that sounded like banana the other day. Everyone seemed to be on the mend, until little Hawk ate desitin - yep, you heard it.

The saga starts with Craig and I heading out to an activity with the girls on Wednesday. I was planning on putting the boys down, but my MIL said she would put them down around 7:00. She has been living with us since the winter started... It was 6:30 and they seemed happy - so I let them stay-up. Upon our arrival home, she explained that the boys had found the desitin jar and smeared it all over our leather ottoman and all over their faces. Now, Mr. Hawk, I was told was more enraptured by the oinment and smeared it from head to toe. She said she cleaned them up and put them to bed. I assumed that all was OK.
At 12:30 a.m. I wake up to Henry puking all over the place with little white clumps of desitin mixed in. I cleaned him up and put him back to bed. He throws up again an hour later - I clean him up again. I had called Poinson Control after he threw up the first time and they said that this d creme is one of the safest he can ingest. They said he may throw-up, but that it won't cause any issues for him or side-effects.

At breakfast he ate all of his food, and then threw-up again. I took the girls to school did a short errand and he threw up again all over the car seat and himself. I called the doctor and they are adiment that if he throws up again that I take him into the ER- all this due to dehydration - not the creme. He takes a nap has a snack and something to drink and - you guessed it, he threw-up everywhere. Ahhhh! I load all my kids in the car and head to the ER - where they told me for however many amounts of dollars that he was OK. Again -Ahhh!

Today is a new day, a better one so far. He hasn't thrown up and he's happier. Here's what else is going on:

1. Our driveway has been so covered with ice that today was the 2nd time we've been stuck. I got stuck today, but our kind mailman stopped and helped maneuvre out. Honestly, I just turned the wheel right and left and I just seemed to slide down the hill.

2. Cici started ballet in Janurary. She is absolutely extactic and has been actually practicing at home her new moves. We saw her recital dress last week and she is now even more excited.

3. Nini is in basketball. We bought her some new bball shoes which she loved until she went to school. She told me the kids at school told her they were boy shoes. Whatever! I'm hoping she takes my pleadings that it doesn't matter - as long as she likes them. She is enjoying her games and practices.

4. Nini has also been going to Vision Therapy. I took her to the eye doctor in September because she was making faces all the time. I figured she was having trouble with her vision. In turns out that through several tests the doctor was able to determine that it wasn't that she needed glasses, but that her eyes weren't teaming correctly. When she looks at an object, her eyes can't not converge and see the object with one line of sight. Her eyes focus in two different spots. Long story short, I am driving 90 minutes one way once a week to take her to a specialist. Has anyone heard much of Vision Therapy and it's success rate?

5. I have been inspired by a fellow blogging buddy, Crystal, to continue my writing during these dog days of mommyhood. I am trying to balance more time towards this goal, which may mean early mornings or a sacrificed craft or two. Got to follow those dreams - thanks for the reminder Crystal!

How are you?!
Tell me about your warm weather
and/or something fun you are doing!

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donna said...

Michelle- I know I have told you before, and I am going to tell you again.. You ROCK... Everytime I read your blog,
I get inspired to be a better mom.. Thanks for being such a wonderful example to me...
So glad to hear that Henry is feeling better.
Good luck with your writing....

Peppermint Patty said...

Reading this makes me happy that even though it's cold in DC...we have no ice here! Spring will come soon enough! :) I'm enjoy reading your blog, your stories are fun and good lunch time reading (even this entry on puke--I have a strong stomach). :)

Chrissy, said...

We have had some sunny days here. Still cold most days but every few days I can feel some spring coming and it feels so nice!I'm really glad I taught all the girls to ski the last two seasons it gives us something to do and keeps us looking forward to the snowfall. You have such great ideas. I'm trying your dutch baby in the morning,yum! Sorry your little guy was so sick. It reminded me when Erika ate the whole tub of Vasaline! Desitin is definitely worse. Hang in there spring is comming!