Thursday, July 21, 2011

Missed Moments.

My father, Nini, Cici, and Mr. C
 There are a few missed moments that I really must blog about.  The first is Father's Day.  For the first time, perhaps since we moved from Portland in 1996, my father was at our home for Father's Day.  We had fun getting presents and cake for both of the Daddy's in our lives!

 The next missed moment was our 4th of July BBQ with friends and blogging buddy Amanda L.  It was fantastic getting to know Mr. Amanda L. and seeing her kids again. I know my girls were ecstatic that they came. 

Shannon, Kirsten, and Amanda L. -such cute moms!

All the kids getting wet and having fun!

I loved having so many kids running around the house.  Everyone seemed to have someone to play with, which made it easier for the adults to sit and chat. When Posey, Amanda's daughter changed into her bathing suit, Cici and her realized that they had almost matching swimsuits.  Quite the excitement!
Michael (Shannon's other half) and Terry (Amanda's other half) lighting the sparklers

 We were supposed to get a permit from our town to do any major fireworks - and didn't.  We did a few sparklers and a few other low-key fireworks.  Craig is hoping for something bigger next year!

Of course, Amanda and I waited until it was dark to take our self-portrait for blogland.  So it's inside, with a flash!  Loved Amanda's bag and necklace - so chic!  My family were all dressed in Boston Red Sox attire - in honor of Mr. C's excitement over living in an area with a major baseball team.  He's becoming quite the fanatic!

lights at the baseball game

The last missed moment revolves around more baseball!  Our area has a local baseball team that we have been lucky to help out by going to some of their games.  Craig has taken the girls on a date once and now Craig and I took the girls and one of their friends to a game a couple of weeks ago.  We are truly enjoying being a part of a community.  Rather than all that moving!

The girl's watching the game with a friend.

Thanks so much for catching-up with my missed moments! 

If you miss a moment, do you post it later or never?
Do you like baseball?
Do you have a local team?
How is your summer?


Emily said...
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donna said...

YES i always miss moments and never post about it.. This year i haven't posted as much as i should of.... So sad.... Lets hope when school starts, i will be a better blogger..
How fun that you were able to meet up one of your blog buddies....