Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Flea Market Finds.

Treasures everywhere, if you went early! I love how people are drawn differently to treasures among a flea market or yard sale. Where I was oohing over linens, Craig was looking at books, and the girls were dawdling over the cupcakes at the bake sale tables, and the boys were playing with toys a very nice women ggenerously gave to them. It was a fun family outing and all of us had a fun experience! Here's what I found:

Compartment basket - $2

Old quilt cutting (4 of these squares ) $3

Sweet material $4 for 2.5 yards

Old print and frame LOVE this!  $30

all told with one toy for the boys @ $3 I spent -

$42.00 in treasures just for me!

Did you know they call yard sales in New Englad - Tag Sales?!

New to me :)


Natasha said...

Great finds! I love the basket!

Anonymous said...

Look at all the great stuff you found! I can't ever find anything good at flea markets, yard sales, or craig's list. When are you coming to Alaska to teach me your tricks? :)

Great site, your kids are cutie patooties!

Rachel Bagley Wurtz said...

Nice work Michelle! I am obsessed with baskets so naturally I LOVE that find, but that painting/frame is an incredible find!