Friday, April 6, 2012

Project Gallery and Crochet Lion Contest.

Everyone pitching-in to help plant.
The fruit of our labor!

We have been blessed with an early spring this year.  Normally, we are still seeing white all over the ground, but this  year - we are already seeing green!  For a very messy project, we got all our children involved in planting seeds.  We put the boys in charge of putting soil from the bag into the seed starting containers.  They did a wonderful job and got very messy!  The girls were responsible for watering and helping with Mr. T and Hawk while Mr. C and I finished up.

mini quiet books

Our family is so loud during sacrament meeting (church), it is embarrassing. I know that my boys are young and will make all as-sundry noises, but that doesn't mean I can't try to make things better.  A few friends said that they stopped toys and snacks; which I've tried, but we end up having to leave for being irreverent!  I am trying to put together mini-quiet books to help with the noise level.  It's slow going because I am making two of everything.  I took the above to our last church meeting and clearly it did help keep them busy. 

Inter-changeable road trip scrapbooks

This is a road trip scrapbook page.  The idea is to take one road trip and put it together with your best photos, a short description, and laminate them as single scrapbook pages.  I will be setting them in a basket in our living room, where we can all look through them and remember our fun trips.  When it comes time for my children to leave the nest and start their own family, they can simply take the scrapbook pages for the road trips they remembered the most.  They can also easily trade with each other if they are tired that particular trip.  I use the single laminated sheets you can purchase in the office section.

Crochet Lion Contest!

In one of our downtown shops was a little knitted lion scarf just like this one.  I decided to try to make a crochet lion scarf making my own pattern. I did succeed, unfortunately, I didn't successfully write the pattern as a crocheted it!  Ooops!  What is left is a cute lion, that neither of my boys have a great interest in!  If you are interested in winning this Crochet Lion Scarf, just put your name once in the comment section and an email. Contest ends @ midnight EST on Monday, April 9th.  I will post the winning name (and contact by email) at the top of this post sometime on Monday, April 9th!  Good Luck!

My grandfather, Poppy, I adored!  Every Thanksgiving we would, in our best singing voices, sing in a round for health and strength and daily food, we praise thy name O'Lord.  Personally, it was one of my fondest memories.  I found an old frame grey ornate frame at an antique fair last year, which I painted black.  I printed the words off my computer in large letters using the Jane Austen font.  The background medium is scrapbook paper glued onto an old frame, which I put under the glass the frame came with. I just loved this project!

Here is a visual of our rope hand rails Mr. C installed in on our stairs.  The boys are getting used to holding on really tight!  I find myself using it too to help get up these steep old stairs!

We invested in an new dining room table!  If you ever come to visit, I'll take you to some really great antique stores.  One of which, we were able to purchase this table and four chairs at a great price!  We are need, however, of more chairs.  Hopefully, to come in the near future!

These are my projects!  I decided to post them in one post, just because of time.  It's been really difficult to blog, but I'm thankful for your comments and for the opportunities I have to peak at your blogs, when I get  a chance!

What are you working on?
Remember to leave your name and email to be entered for the 
Crochet Lion Scarf - tell your friends!


Melinda said...

I can't beleive you made that lion! It is so dang cute! oh, my email is

You have done some really great projects. You are brave and very patient to have all the kids help with the planting. Something I wish I was more of.

The table is beautiful! I wish we had some great antique stores to shop at. I think I would be in heaven.

donna said...

wow you are so crafty.. I need to come for a visit so you can teach me how to be crafty...

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