Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet, not sour!

LDS Youth dating etiquette hand-out :)

A lovely young woman in our ward asked me to teach a lesson on dating etiquette.  When she said it was supposed to be five minutes long, I was very nervous about getting all the important stuff in, in such a short window.  My resources came directly from the LDS website, the For The Strength of Youth pamphlet, and a wonderful talk lesson given on the Redheaded Hosted blog.  There are some wonderful talks and stories available for our youth leaders!

It was a fun opportunity to be with the youth of our ward and share with them the joy of meeting people who are fun and leave a lasting impression- a good lasting impression.  The hand-out was fun to put together too!  I used sour patch kids ( my favorite) with a short saying to demonstrate a sour vs sweet impression when we date:

 Don't leave a SOUR impression 
Be SWEET by being refined, gracious, and charitable

I really appreciated the opportunity and not surprisingly so, all the youth represented beautiful etiquette that evening!  Thank you!  The bags are just regular sandwich bags folded and stapled with a piece of paper over the bag printed with the saying above.  I also put a quote from Ballard on the back.  Have fun!


Lucy said...

Very cute! I love handouts for the YW:)

Natasha said...

What a clever and fun idea!

donna said...

Great idea,, ; )

Melinda said...

Awesome idea! Love it.

Demarcus Family said...

I would love to use this handout this week in YW on the STOP it conference talk by Pres. Uchtdorf. I am horrible at making these things and LOVE yours.. I was hoping you would be willing to share the file?
If so could you please email it to me
Thanks so much for the great idea!!