Thursday, January 26, 2012

9 good things.

A Spelling Bee good job cake!
There have been so many good things going on in our neck of the woods lately.  My girls, Cici and Nini, took part in their first ever spelling bee contest this week!  I am so so so proud of them (did I happen to mention how proud of them I am!?)  This was one of those things they could choose to do or not at school, but at home, I felt that it was something they had to at least try to do.  They didn't object, making our decision to have them try, a lot easier!
Saying goodbye to Bessie
We said goodbye last month to our dear beloved mini-van - lovingly named Bessie. We traveled over 125,000 miles in her, in two countries, and at least 15 states.  She survived two accidents, two sets of twins, too many stops to McDonald's, and all the abuse a family of six could throw at her!  Our new mini-van hasn't been named yet, we love her, but we need to wear her in a little more to give her a name.

Ice Cream cone balloons with party hats.
Dixie cup and pom pom yarn sundae's and envelope lanterns.
 My calling as RS 2nd counselor has taken me through many activities.  We don't quite have an activities leader yet, so I and the 1st counselor are charging-up the activities for now.  January was something we named The Visiting Teaching Banana Split Event!  I loved the Ice Cream Cone Party Hat Balloons and the Dixie Cup Yarn Sundae's as decorations!  I don't have time to give all the details, but if you are interested in this idea for your ward, email me at!

Hawk loving his Thomas PJ's
Christmas seems like ages ago!  We had a lovely and relaxing Christmas with Mr. C staying home the entire week.  We ate, wrapped and unwrapped presents, took drives, ate, watched movies and all that really good relaxing family time.  Mr. T and Hawk got into the spirit of opening presents this year.  Hawk's favorite were these Thomas Train Engine PJ's - he truly couldn't wait to put them on!

Nini's best hug!
This photo reminds of the great joy I am having at watching my little girls grow-up.   They are so incredible!
Favorite Christmas Photo
 Honestly, this photo is my absolute favorite!  The look on Nini's face and anticipation at what her sister would think of the gift Nini bought Cici - is just beautiful!  I love these girls :)

Smartie Pants teacher gifts.
You are "Mint" to be our teacher gifts.

I couldn't help myself this year!  I had to put together some of those cute pinterest teacher appreciation gifts.  I put a ton of smarties into a clear jar and put a little sign on the lid Thanks for turning ___________ into a smartie pants!  The Junior Mint appreciation gift we gave to the girl's piano teacher!

Me and Loan!
 Our sweet friend came from Virginia to see our family again!  We love Loan and have enjoyed her sweetness in our lives since Craig met her on his mission in Washington DC (she was 5) and later I met her when she was 11.  We are very grateful she still loves us after all these years!!!

 Here's the big questions:
Do you name your cars?


Melinda said...

We don't name our cars, I've never thought of it. I guess I'm just not that fun!

Way to go to the girls for doing the spelling bee. That can be so nerve racking.

Ry had a pair of Thomas Jammie's just like those and he loved them to pieces, literally.

donna said...

We have never named our cars, but we have named our MAC and Automatic Pool Cleaner..

Hey I may Use your RS activty, since I help plan our RS activities.

Marie said...

Your teacher appreciation gifts were cute. I coulnd't resist a few pinterest items too and made some cute things for my children's classes too!

Woohoo for a new minivan!